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Size:XS 5/6 Protective gloves. Single use Nitrile Rubber (NBR-Acrylonitrile Butadiene) exam gloves, powder free, non-sterile. Can be used with both hands. Conforms to: Meets 93/42/EEC standards as well as EN 455 standards. Class I medical devices. Conforms to 89/686/EEC standards as well as EN 420 EN 374 standards. Category III – waterproof protective gloves. Protection against chemicals. Dimensions: 240 +/- 5 mm. Free from natural latex. Synthetic copolymer. Check that the gloves have not been damaged before use, do not use damaged gloves. Store them in a dry place Away from light in original packaging between 10°C and 30°C. Protect against ozone. These gloves conform to current requirements.
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