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Size Name:100x200cm Limitless creativity for your living space design. Magnetic Blackboard Foil by queence - The Decorative All-Rounder. Whether used as a robust drawing board in a child's room, as a modern message board for the family, for quick communication in the office or for the long drink menu in a trendy bar: No one will miss the practical yet stylish self-adhesive magnetic blackboard. The self-adhesive magnetic blackboard films are equipped with a specially developed, durable vinyl surface which can easily be written on with conventional chalk. At any time, the blackboard film can be wiped clean with a damp, soft cloth to rewrite after use. With the magnets included in the box, it can also be easily used for small notes, photos, or attaching drawings or shopping lists to the magnetic blackboard foil! The incredibly durable magnetic blackboard films can be attached in seconds on any smooth, dust-free and grease-free surface and can (depending on the surface quality) be removed without leaving residue. Small tip: Our magnetic blackboard films can easily be cut with a cutterknife or scissors into any shape and size.Premium quality - Made in Germany - -Please note the following: queence assumes no responsibility for any damage that arises. A smooth surface is especially important for larger films for safe installation, e.g. Surface plaster and woodchip wallpaper does not always offer sufficient adhesion for large films. The surface must not contain silicone in the colour - silicone is a release agent that will cause the film to fall!
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Few things are both practical & glamorous . With this beautifully made lace & embroidered hand fan on a bamboo stem you will always be cool and you will also be chic. Choose from 2 sizes.
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Multiuse: ★ can be used as a set of party photo booth; can be used as Emoji sticker decoration for wall, windows, display cases, etc; can be used as a set of accessory of a emotion game for children ...* * Note: The sticks and the masks are separated. You need to paste the wooden stick on the mask! We have supplied enough adhesive stickers. * Very easy to use , no need any tools. Package contains : 27 pieces Emoji photo booth 30 pieces wood sticks lots of adhesive stickers * Material: durable hard cardboard paper, bamboo sticks, adhesive stickers. * Each emoji emoticon diameter is about 20 cm = 7.9 inch (bigger than a human face ). * JZK 27 pieces Emoji photo booth props, paper photo props, party selfie props on stick, Emoji masks for both kids and adults. * Ideal party supply for wedding, Hen party, birthday party, baby shower, Christmas, Halloween, graduation, New Year, carnival party, and other occasions. * A funny set of party photo booth props for taking photos with friends, families. * Simple easy party accessory creates huge fun with your friends and families!
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Welcome to Lovena. Here you can find the gift for the loved one, a present at the special day, birthday, Valentain's day, Christmas, aniversary, Mother's day, Father's day, New year, Thanksgiving day. Easter, Holloween, etc. Lovena manufactures and markets modern hand-finished charms & beads, bracelets & necklaces, each made of genuine material at reasonable prices. You can screw the charms & beads onto any bracelet segment in the order you like, by piece or by group. These charms move freely and rotate slightly together with your wrist's movement, creating an undeniable eye catching and sunning effect. This is Lovena Legacy, the utterly rare exceptional timeless Jewelry in the world. Devoted to a one-stop-shop service for all your sterling silver needs. We carry all types of sterling silver products, including chains, bracelets, murano glass, Cubic Zirconium, Mother of Pearl, marcasite, Gems and so much more. Lovena transformed silver into art with revolutionized modern jewelry design. With enduring optimism, new generations of Lovena designers and craftsmen collaborate to create infinitely beautiful jewels of unsurpassed style. From the legacy of the Hope Diamond and Sterling silver to the sparkle of the red carpet, Lovena Jewelries have become an icon of international glamour. Warm tips: 1. No contacting with the acid and alkali, corrosive substances. 2. No collision, so as to avoid surface scratches. 3. No wearing it when sweating a lot, shower or sleep, etc. 4. Wipe with soft cloth when cleaning the jewelries."
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Size:Soap Additive  |  Colour:Coconut oil CREARTEC Coconut oil (basic) 120 gCosmetic coconut oil is the favourite creamy substance to be used for home-made shampoos, bath-bombs, shaving- and swimming-soaps. It contains lauric acid which makes this oil moisturising and beneficial for your health. It is excellent for the use with dry skin and has a very refreshing effect. You will feel it especially when you gently rub with a product made of this oil that you can find as part of most soaps, shampoos and massage creams.
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Style Name:Tech and Screen Wipes Safe for use on soft technology screens, Armor All Tech & Screen Wipes are a convenient way of cleaning Smart Phones, GPS, Tablets and Computer Screens. They are ideal for all glass and plastic including windscreen and dash instrument screens, which means they are perfect for use in the car. Designed with a scratch-free formula, they have been independently tested. For added convenience, Armor All Tech & Screen Wipes come in a brand new, handy-sized pack. Armor All has created a new ‘in-car canister’ the size of a soft-drink can, which fits easily into standard car cup holders or glove boxes. The packaging design allows drivers to easily access their wipes, meaning more efficient cleaning and safer driving. Even though the packaging is smaller, each packet of Armor All Tech & Screen Wipes contains 20 wipes.
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Size:6 Bälle ❤ Blissany - Reusable dryer balls made from 100% sheep wool ❤ Blissany - Reusable dryer balls made from 100% sheep wool ★ Advantages ★ The dryer balls reduce the drying time of your clothing Up to 40%. This saves you time, money and energy, which also benefits the environment. They act as a natural fabric softener and reduce static charge. Down jackets and featherbeds are loosened and remain soft. Bettlaken remain untangled during the drying process. The handmade balls are antiallergic and can be used without any concerns for all the garments. This makes them ideal for baby clothes. In contrast to dryer balls made of plastic, the balls of sheep wool are quieter and more gentle for the laundry. Animal hair is absorbed by the balls. ★ Material and production ★ The dryer balls are handmade and are made of 100% New Zealand sheep wool. This has the enormous advantage that it is a pure natural product and is not used in the manufacture of any chemicals or synthetic fibers. ★ Application ★ Add all 4 balls to the wet laundry in the dryer and start the drying process as usual. After completion of the program, the balls can be reused immediately
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Size Name:80cm  |  Colour Name:Bright Blue Set consists of 2 strips of BRIGHT BLUE SMD LED's 2 strips @30 cm with 18 LED's on each strip Both with approx 80cm wire tails and wired into a single molex 4 pin pass through connector Self adhesive strip on the back of each strip means you can position wherever you like These strips are Black coloured Flexible strip with an epoxy silicone protective layer over the top. All cut ends and soldered ends are sealed and heatshrunk, Approx 8mm wide x 3 - 4 mm thick Very low heat power consumption - ideal for tight spaces, computer cases etc..... These kits can also be custom made to your requirements, see below for some more possibilities :- Strips start at 10cm long - Up to 100cm long Wire tails can be customised to your requirements - up to 1M per tail - message us for costStrips can be joined end to end with wire of up to 50cm between each stripIf you have more specialised requirements we will do our best to accommodate your requests - message us for quotesAvailable in BLUE, GREEN, RED, WHITE, AMBER, PINK PURPLE Thanks for looking
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Planning A Caravanning Or Camping Break? You May To Want A Few Creature Comforts Around To Make Your Trip A Little More Comfortable. With A Large And Extensive Range Of Melamine And Tableware For The Caravan Or Motorhome, Flamefield Could Have The Solution For Your Needs. Flamefield Ltd Is A Family Run Business Based In Hatfield That Specialize In Melamine Tableware, Acrylic And Polycarbonate Drinkware And Accessories. They Have Been Supplying The Uk And European Market Since 1982 With Break Resistant Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Trays, Serving Dishes As Well As Boxed Dinner Sets. Flamefield Ltd Products Are Regularly Tested For Eu Standards And Specifications And Comply With Commission Regulation (Eu) No. 284/2011.
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Size Name:50cm x 50cm  |  Colour:Light blue with white stars Sugarapple cushion cover designed for all kinds of cushions and pillows with different dimensions. A practical spare cover to change when the other cover is being washed or to brighten up older decorative cushions. “Made in Germany” qualityThese lovingly made cushion cover by Sugarapple are traditionally developed and manufactured in our own manufactury in Germany. These high-quality cushion covers are suitable for use with chair cushions, seating cushions,seat covers, decorative cushions, children’s pillows, lounge cushions, garden chair cushions, sofa cushions and couch cushions. WARNING: no cushion supplied: This item consists only of the cushion cover with no lining or cushion • High quality & extra hardwearing • Double-stitched all round • Odourless and free from harmful materials, certified to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard • Made in Germany in our own manufacturing facilities Details: Material: 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton Care: machine washable at up to 40°C Sugarapple is an emerging label, which stands for a simple and timeless design for nurseries. Inspired by our proverb "dress up your babyroom", you will find everything you need for the interior design of your child's room: snuggle nests, canopies above the bed, sleeping bags, curtains, changing mats, blankets, towels, cushions, nursery pillows, bedding and more. All product lines are available in stripes, chequered, uni-coloured or with dots - guaranteed without a teddy bear design.
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Package Quantity:3 Clean, great tasting water and ice is what you get when you purchase the EcoAqua EFF-6002A 400 gallon capacity compatible water filter.A Whirlpool compatible water filter made by EcoAqua means you are receiving the expertise of a world leader in liquid filtration that is an instantly recognized brand in Europe and the UK. With this filter, you are assured of getting high quality water for your home or business that has been purged of harmful contaminants such as chlorine, dirt, rust and other particles, as well as unpleasant odours and tastes.The materials used in making the Whirlpool compatible 4396508 by EcoAqua water filter are top quality ensuring that the product lasts longer while filtering away most of the impurities that give water a strange odour and taste. This water filter will also prolong the life of your refrigerator. It is designed to lessen the sediment deposits in your refrigerator's ice machine.The filtration process handled by this water filter involves the passing of the water from the exterior surfaces until it goes into the middle of the cartridge. With every filtering layer that the water goes through, the pores of the filters become smaller, so as to get rid of even the most minute particles or impurities in water. It does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health such as fluoride.The interval of the changing of these filters is dependent on the quality of your water as well as on the water consumption of your entire household.EcoAqua, an EcoPure company, is a Compatible Equipment Manufacturer (CEM) for WHIRLPOOL water filters. They are a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of filtration products for the separation, clarification, and purification of domestic and industrial fluids.Trademarks acknowledged & recognised as belonging to respective brand(s) owners. Used only for compatibility information.
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•Apron for painting, crafts, cooking or woodwork •Large, handy pocket to the front • 100% Cotton • Hard wearing, soft touch • Machine Washable
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Colour Name:White Small, light in weight & bright: Working & reading where you want to, without hurting your eyes! The Compact LED Light, is perfect for working with your Notebook, if you are at the office or at home.Connect the Light easily to your USB-Port & use it to read orto brighten your Keyboard on your workingplace. Unique, bendable Design, with a verylight weight. The flexible Gooseneck, allows you to put the direction of the Light where you want to.Because of the Ultra-Bright LEDs, with a very low power comsumption, reading is easier than ever before. even in bad circumstances and darkness. • Low Power Consumption: only 1.2 Watt / 5V • Size: 169x18x9 mm • Weight : Light 16 Grams
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The Nici summer collection with Hippo, Frog and flamingo makes truly feel like beach holidays and sunsets by the sea. With its bright pink summery outfits are a fun and soft dolls in any case, the towards sun trip.
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Other Characteristics: Colour of product: Black, SilverDistance to the wall (max): 21.2 cmDistance to the wall (min): 4.5 cmMaximum screen size compatibility: 94 cm (37")Maximum weight capacity: 30 kgMinimum screen size compatibility: 43.2 cm (17")Number of displays supported: 1Swivel angle range: -90 - 90°Tilt angle: -15 - 15°
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