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The sharp blade of the Peeler Universal peels food razor-thin without wasting a single slice of your vegetables. The blade head contains a movable attachment and can be used for all shapes of vegetables. The ergonomic handle with it's smooth surface guarantees effortless working. Product features: dishwasher-proof. Blade made of stainless steel. Box Contains 1x Lurch 10093
£ 16.26
Traditional Carbon Steel Wok - Professional quality - Used in many Chinese takeaways and restaurants - Thickness 1.1 mm - 100% natural - Guaranteed without any chemical coating (PFOA and PTFE free) - Carbon steel is the material traditionally used for making woks because it can withstand very high temperatures and diffuses heat quickly and evenly. Perfect for stir-frying the ingredients at high temperatures while preserving the flavour, colour and texture, and retaining the crispness of the vegetables - Diameter 30 cm - Weight 955 g - Round bottom for use on a hob with a special wok stand - Wood handle attached by rivets - Metal utensil safe - Not suitable for washing in a dishwasher - Suitable for all hobs (with Induction hobs, use medium heat settings only) - Needs to be seasoned before first use - Seasoning instructions and usage tips included - Made in the UK.
£ 85.77
KAISER cookie cutters transform your home kitchen into a cookie lover's bakery shop. The imaginative cookie cutters provide the right motif for every gathering and occasion. Traditional recipes call for the star-shaped "Linzer", the three-terraced rosette, or the extra-large gingerbread cookie cutter forms. Young and old are equally fond of popular Christmas cookie motifs such as stars, Christmas trees and reindeer. Easter baking has its own series with six different rabbit, rooster, lamb and butterfly motifs. The cookie cutters are made of stainless steel and are carefully crafted. Thanks to their perfect contours, these decorative cookie cutters give best results. The cookie cutters must be washed by hand. Box Contains Sicomatic t-plus 2,5l Silargan w.o.inser
£ 12.23