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The OX Hand Tool Range was born in 1974 in Australia and was launched under the OX brand in the UK at the beginning of 2012. Developed and proven in the Australian market, the hand tools are instinctively recognised as tough, dynamic and dependable.
£ 14.61
This accurately formed diecast guide will accept bevel edged chisels or plane irons sized 3mm to 67mm, setting them at the correct angle for honing. Display packed.
£ 14.82
Standard for Concrete diamond cutting disc 230 x 22.23 x 2.3 x 10 mm; Pack of 1.
£ 40.71
Einhell Power X-Change Li-Ion Batteries are controlled by a micro-processor, which monitors its key parameters such as temperature, voltage and current strength. This provides effective protection against overheating and ensures the right balance for optimum operating conditions. The battery can be charged irrespective of its charge level. An automatic check establishes conditions on which the charging process depends. In normal conditions, for example, the high-speed charging process is started directly. In other conditions, e.g. extreme cold or exhaustive discharge, gentle charging is performed at reduced current strength. This charging method protects the battery and is essential for ensuring a long service life. The intelligent charge control system controls each battery cell individually, ensuring that each cell is fully charged. This produces maximum supply of power. Overcharging is not possible, so even a charged battery can remain in the charger. The battery has a 3-stage LED indicator which indicates not only the battery charge, but also extreme temperature conditions. It also has a triple shell design for optimum protection against damage. The Einhell PX-BAT4 Power X-Change Battery has the following specifcation: Battery Capacity: 4.0Ah.Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion.Voltage: 18 Volt. PTDEINPXBAT4
£ 104.15
For all work on or around electrical components up to 1,000 V AC. Manufactured acc. to IEC 60900:2012. High quality chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel, through hardened, black-finish. Insulation moulded directly onto blade. Ergonomic Wiha SoftFinish multi-component handle with roll-off protection. Slotted 2.5mm x 75mm Slotted 3.5mm x 100mm Slotted 4.5mm x 125mm Slotted 5.5mm x 125mm Pozi PZ1 x 80mm Pozi PZ2 x 100mm
£ 31.96
LiteXpress competition series 2x AAA LED Flashlight
Technical details:
* 2 Lightmodi
* Luminous Flux: High: 120 Lumen Low: 30 Lumens Super-bright Camping Flashlight/Underwater Cluster Lighting Flashlight
* Light Life Time: High: 1.4 hours Low: 2 hours
Light Range: High: 70 m low: 30 m
* End Cap Switch
* 2 x 1.5 V AAA LR03 Brand Name Alkaline Batteries (included)
* Weight: 56 g including batteries
* Size: Length: 134 mm, Diameter: 17 mm
* Technical Details are average values, which can due to tolerances (parts, batteries) vary by +/-15%. Maximum light duration in static modes Low measured up to a luminous flux of 1 lumen.
£ 24.12
Cale à poncer Pro, with 50 patins x 230 mm corindon. CE PRODUIT comprend: 1 Cale and poncer 4851 50 patins abrasifs x 230 mm: 16x60/12 x 80/13x120/13X180
£ 28.48
This is the Varta Varta Consumer [VARTA-15611]

Attractive head light for children in Minions design. Head strap washable and adjustable in size. Push switch (On/Off)
1x SMD warm white LED
£ 22.56

Stanley 39 Piece Bit and Socket Set + Ratchet STA113906

Stanley Expert 39 Piece Bit and Socket Set with Ratchet.


£ 35.95
BOSC concrete drill bit set cyl 3 - Set of 7
£ 31.93

Liberon French Polish 250ml LIBFP250

Liberon Special Pale French Polish is a colourless and transparent polish made from the finest quality pale de-waxed shellac and is suitable for the most delicate work. It can be applied with a French Polishing mop or with a rubber in accordance with traditional French Polishing techniques. It produces a warm and natural effect to wood. It is ideal for preserving the colour on marquetry work, and brings out natural graining of timber. Suitable for wood requiring no colour change. It produces a deep shine and protective surface.

The LIBFP250 French Polish has a volume of 250ml.


£ 22.56
The Wera Kraftform Big Pack 14pc Lasertip Screwdriver Set contains a comprehensive selection of screwdrivers. Many of these have a laser treated blade tip that result in a rough surface that is hardened up to 1,000 Vickers. This ensures that drive end bites into the screw head, reducing slipping and the resulting damage that can occur to the screw head and surfaces. Additionally higher levels of torque are transferred to the screw, and the blade life is extended. Ergonomic Kraftform handles fit comfortably in the hand with special hard and soft zones to provide better turning power with less effort and making repeated turning easier.

Supplied in 2 wall mountable storage racks, each screwdriver is marked on the end of the handle for quick identification of the type of screw it is suitable for. The contents of the set are:

1 x 0.6 x 3.5mm Slotted x 100mm Lasertip Screwdriver
1 x 0.8 x 4.0mm Slotted x 100mm Lasertip Screwdriver
1 x 1.2 x 6.5mm Slotted x 150mm Lasertip Screwdriver

1 x No 1 Phillips x 80mm Lasertip Screwdriver
1 x No 2 Phillips x 100mm Lasertip Screwdriver
1 x No 3 Phillips x 150mm Lasertip Screwdriver

1 x No 1 Pozi x 80mm Lasertip Screwdriver
1 x No 2 Pozi x 100mm Lasertip Screwdriver
1 x No 3 Pozi x 150mm Lasertip Screwdriver

1 x TX 10 Torx x 80mm Screwdriver
1 x TX 15 Torx x 80mm Screwdriver
1 x TX 20 Torx x 100mm Screwdriver
1 x TX 25 Torx x 100mm Screwdriver
1 x TX 30 Torx x 115mm Screwdriver
£ 59.80

Stanley Surform Blade Half Round 250 mm 10in STA521299

Replacement surform blades for use on all types of wood, aluminium, copper, plastics and laminates.

Half round surform blade, ideal for fast stock removal and shaping curved surfaces.

Size. 250mm (10in).


£ 12.15
Bosch Professional diamond cutting discs for angle grinders. From the Standard range, these universal discs are ideal for general purpose applications.

- Diameter: 125mm
- Cutting width: 2.0mm
- Segment height: 10mm
- Bore diameter: 22.23mm

Features & Benefits
- A low cost solution for general purpose use
- Clean cut edges
- Sintered cutting rim
£ 21.04