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Galvanised, vermin proof , all weather feeder. feed is only exposed when the hen steps on the treadle. new smooth treadle action eliminates unwanted noise as the treadle moves. secure catch keeps the lid shut. supplied flat packed with easy to follow minimal construction needed.
£ 70.09
Henry's Naturals Chicken Treats Fruit & Nut Sticks 150g
£ 17.64
Small Auto Cup Drinker with float for low pressure systems. This Small Auto Cup Drinker with float fastens onto wire cage with one large wing-nut. It always stays full and hence there is no need for birds to peck to get water (no need to train them). This will save endless time carrying water. In order to complete the system, you will also need a header tank, 10 mm pipe and a connection for the pipe into the header tank, please see my other items. We've had these ourselves for many years now in our own poultry enterprise and have found them to save endless time and would recommend them for any poultry keeper.
£ 18.89
Bi-OO-Cyst is the most versatile disinfectant currently available and has been designed specifically to meet the exacting demands of today's modern livestock industry. Its broad spectrum of activity is effective against endoparasites including oocysts, viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeasts. The versatility of Bi-OO-Cyst offers farmers the first product that will not only disinfect but at the same time control coccidiosis all in one simple operation.
£ 34.64
A very efficient product designed to keep your poultry healthy and to avoid red mite infestations.
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Product description

Style:ear tag applicator


Ear tags are used by the livestock producer to keep production records of bloodlines, birth dates, vaccinations and other key criteria necessary for raising animals, a very good tool used for animal identify.


1. Hold the ear tag plier to press, the switch automatic to turn on

2. Press the clip, install ear tag

3. Put the nail binding on ear tag needle, remained stable

4. Full immersion in the disinfectant, safety and health

5. Find a appropriate placement of the ears , put forth effort to finish at one time.


  • Professional ear tag applicator for goat sheep one-piece ear tags
  • Doesn't need the needle pin for the ear tag applicator, you can save much money and energy about the needle pin
  • Easy to operate, save much time when putting ear tags
  • Reasonable design according to the human plam, automatic lock , energy saving
  • Light weight, easy to handle; durable, never rust

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£ 39.89
Vitakraft Budgie Kräcker Egg-grass Seeds 2 Pack
£ 12.92
Total Mite Kill Powder is a natural, non toxic mite contol powder that can be applied directly onto all birds and poultry. Made from fossilised diatoms, it breaks down the waxy coating of pests, causing them to dehydrate and die. Nettex Total Mite Kill Powder should be applied directly to poultry or sprinkled in the housing. Around 30g should be used per square metre, or if applying directly to chickens use around 3g per bird. There is no need to re-apply daily and this product will last up to 6 weeks. Please read the dosage advice on the packaging. This can also be used on all types of pets, horses and farm livestock and in the home and garden to control insects such as ants, silverfish and termites. It can also be used to control fleas, lice and ticks. Ingredients: Diatomaceous earth.
£ 38.18
Net-Tex Ground Sanitising Powder is an innovative new product designed to treat the ground inside your run and bird-house. The product works by drying out and thus making inhospitable the living and breeding areas of worm parasites at any stage of their development, be it as an egg, larvae or fully-grown worm. By sprinkling the powder over the ground you are greatly reducing the risk to your birds of ingesting potentially harmful parasites that are recognised to cause a number of health complaints in poultry. The powder can also be distributed inside your bird-house or wherever there may be a build-up of droppings. ...
£ 62.17
Mixed Corn 20Kg Copdock Mill Mixed Corn is perfect for keeping your hens happy with a simple mix of wheat and cut maize. To maintain a balanced diet idally feed a handful per hen (about 20g) in the afternoon following a breakfast of Copdock Mill Range Layers Pellets in the morning. Ingredients: Wheat, Cut Maize, Soya Oil. Take care when lifting.
£ 24.74
For oral use, to reverse the process of dehydration and electrolyte loss associated with scours in calves and pigs whether due to nutritional, bacterial or viral causes. It is also indicated as an aid in recovery from pregnancy toxaemia and reversal of hypoglycaemia in sheep. A clear yellow, aqueous, concentrated solution. Legal Category: AVM-GSL.
£ 25.27
Agrivite Chicken Lickin' Mixed Poultry Grit is a combination of flint grit which aids digestion, and oystershell which improves eggshell, bone and feather quality.

This essential supplement aids in combating feather-pecking and ensures your chickens get both the types of grit they need.
£ 20.20
Chicken corn with added oyster shell grit. Contains wheat, split maize, layers pellets and oyster shell grit.
£ 18.89

Product Description



Name: animal milk feeder

Capacity: 4 quart

Color: White

Packaging Included: 1 x animal milk feeder


Bottle feeding calves happens when the offspring are orphaned, their mother doesn't claim them or the calves were purchased at auction to be hand raised. Hand raising a calf helps to create adult animals that are safe and easy to work with. Several good replacement milk brands are available including Purina, Sav-A-Calf and Cargill.

Feature of calf milk feeder

1.High quality, thick plastic, antibacterial silicone nipple,sturdy and durable.

2.Thickening handle, humanized design.

3.Big bottleneck,convenient to fill milk.

4.rear fixed hook, easy to use.

5.Stand type bottle, can feed Calf Lamb Sheep Goat Cattle

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£ 40.81
Poultry Heat Incubator Lamp 250W c/w Red Bulb Perfect for birds ducks hens chickens quails and many more including kennels; this is a great choice brooder for your young animals. A heat lamp is a vital part of keeping newly incubated chicks warm and healthy whilst they grow and become fully feathered. Our heat lamp kit comes with everything you need so you are ready to plug in and go straight out of the box. The kit contains a wired ceramic holder guard shade hanging chain a BS plug and also a single 250W infra-red bulb. Product Details Power: 250W Bulb: 250W R125 infra-red screw bulb Lamp and supplied bulb are fully CE certified
£ 49.07
17% PROTEIN , A 3mm pellet for ducks, geese and ornamental poultry. Suitable for following on from chick crumbs through to maturity. Finisher Pellets may be fed for the last 2 weeks to birds being reared for meat to improve the fiinish.
£ 31.37
Feathers & Beaky Chicken Grit 5kg
£ 20.20
Wildlife Kingdom, Hi-Energy Premium Super Corn Mix.
A carefully selected mixture of seeds and grains that are High in Oil and Energy and also contains both Oyster Shell, Sunflower Oil and tasty Kibbled Peas.!
This feed supplement will help to maintain your Poultry in 'Tip Top' Condition.
INGREDIENTS:- Kibbled Maize, Kibbled Wheat, Kibbled Peas, Oyster Shell, and Sunflower Oil.
Suitable for all kinds of Poultry including Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Game Birds to supplement their compound diet of pellets or mash.
This mix can either be fed in a separate feeder, or scattered on the ground to help satisfy the birds natural instinct to scratch and forage.
Clean fresh water should always be available.
£ 33.27
Treatment of scaly leg is simple, with the use of Nettex Just for Scaly Legs (250ml). This cleverly blended formulation is designed to kill and effectively control the Scaly Leg parasite in one simple spray appliCation. It works in 3 ways: It suffoCates the Scaly Leg parasites instantly, resulting in a death It provides immediate relief against itching and irritation It contains a synergised blend of repellents and natural oils which provide a protective coating to prevent further infestation of the affected area
£ 28.07

Fancy Feeds Layers' Pellets - 20kg

£ 22.82
6kg Red and White Economy Hanging Feeder with Lid
£ 20.08

Name: cloth bee cage

Colour: Black

Material: Canvas

Size : 33 x 40 x 18 cm

Packaging Included:

1 x cloth bee cage


  • Thicker fabric, thicker fabric, wear-resistant and durable, no bad odor, more convenient to receive bee
  • Three steel wire reinforcements, multiple reinforcements, cloth cage support effect, more convenient shrinkage
  • Shrinkable and easy to carry, collapsible folding design, easy to carry
  • Beam mouth design, elastic mouth design, bee more convenient
  • The rope can be easily tightened and used very conveniently.


1. It is necessary to splash water as soon as possible toward the swarm where the colony of bees swarms, so that the water mist or water spots wet the wings of the bees, and they can be clustered together.

2. It is also possible to use bee colonies with fine earth and sand as their heads to withdraw to the flight. This will also enable most swarms that fled to stop flying and gather together.

3. After putting a small amount of honey water or sugar water on the collecting bee bag, gently close the bee bag to the bee colony. If the bee colony clusters high, you can hang it on the rope with a rope and use a short wooden stick. Groups of bees swarm gently below or on the side of the object, driving the bees slowly into the bee-keeping bag.

4. After the bee is collected, tighten the elastic cord under the bee bag and you can bring it back. Put the beehive under the collection bee bag and shake it to collect the bee bags. The bee colony will fall into the beehive and basically settle down. The bees will enter the beehive and be placed in a stable place.

£ 20.20