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ArtStone containers are made from a blend of resin and natural stone powder. This creates the high-quality stone or marble look. The pots have a unique drainage system which allows the plant to supply itself with water. When a plant gets more water than it needs, the water is automatically collected in a container. This container is located at the bottom of the pot. If the plant needs water again, then cover your needs with the water from the container.
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Brand new top quality magic hose pipe.
Light weight and portable size , convenient to carry , use and store.
Equipped with a spray nozzle ,which is made of high quality ABS plastic for long time use.
Covered with polyester fabric to protect the inner tube. Quickly expands to 3 times its original size when water is turn on, and fully retracts to the original length when water is off.
Ergonomic handle of the spray nozzle ,comfortable to use . The flexible hoses will not twist, tangle or kink Includes tap connector and multifunction spray nozzle with 7 adjustable modes, including shower, flat, centre, cone, full, mist, jet
Multi-use in daily life, such as gardening, car washing, house cleaning, etc.
When using the Magic Hose for the first time, it is recommended to first fill and extend hose and slightly stretch hose to release tightness in outer folded material covering. Then release water and refill to use normally. Attach the female end of the Magic Hose to the water source. Turn the water on at the source. Gradually increase the water pressure. The Magic Hose will automatically expand up to 3 times its original length. When you are finished using the Magic Hose, turn the water OFF at the source spigot. Allow the water in the Magic Hose to drain. If you are using a nozzle then open the nozzle. As the water begins drain, the Magic Hose will automatically contract back to its original length.
This hose is intended for routine watering applications (water pressure not greater than 5 bar)
Do not run hot water through this hose.
Do not leave the water turned ON and the hose under pressure when not use.
Drain your hose in the summer when you are not using it and keep it shaded as much as possible.Cannot expose this hose to the sun for a long time
Cannot use this hose on gravel land, otherwise it shortens its life and cause it burst

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This is a versatile heavy duty Garden Kneeler and Seat stool. This can really help to take the strain out of gardening. This product can take the pain & strain out of gardening and make the gardening an enjoyable task. This product is made up from robust steel tubing with a comfortable kneeling platform of EVA Foam. Kneeler arms can be raised to correct the height to reduce back strain and when you need to do jobs which require you to be at a height. The kneeler can be turned over to become a comfortable seat/stool. It folds away easy storage and transportation. Gardening becomes easy with this ideal garden kneeler tool... The item can also be purchased with a bag to attach to the item to keep your garden tools in
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GroundMaster garden pegs are tough and lengthy, they are perfect for securing down any type of fabric, long or short term.

So dont struggle with runaway fabric, secure everything down in place with 6 Inch Securing Pegs! One piece construction to prevent heads breaking off, UV stabilised and anti-pull large heads.

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Made from 100% natural HDPE Polyethylene. Anti Butterfly Net 4-5mm Mesh Size 32 GSM (HDPE) Polyethylene UV Stabilized long lasting extremely soft and non tangle available in 3.5 metre width (11ft 5inches)
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Please choose how many you require above These sturdy and reusable heavy duty black saucers come in various sizes to match most square pots. 21cm2 - For 0.7 to 3 litre square pots - Top: 21cm2, Bottom: 16cm2, Height: 4cm 25cm2 - For 5.7 litre square pots - Top: 25cm2, Bottom: 19.5cm2, Height: 5cm 29cm2 - For 11 or 12 litre square pots - Top: 29cm2, Bottom: 22.5cm2, Height: 5.5cm 33cm2 - For 18 litre square pots - Top: 33cm2, Bottom: 25.5cm2, Height: 6cm 42cm2 - For 19 or larger litre square pots - Top: 42cm2, Bottom: 32cm2, Height: 8cm Please note we can only say these will fit our pots sold in our shop thank you They can be used to collect excess water drainage and soil spillage. They also help to keep plants moist longer and maintain a cleaner garden.
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The Pest XT ultrasonic cat repeller is designed to send out loud, irritating ultrasonic sound waves that will deter fouling feline pests and not affect birds. The ultrasonic repeller is also effective in deterring dogs and rabbits.

Simply position the cat repeller using the ground stake or screw into a wall and the infrared detection sensor will set off an ultrasonic sound. The device only activates when an animal enters the protected area; this saves energy and improves the battery life.

How does the motion sensor work? The repeller incorporates a PIR motion sensor which activates the product when a warm body enters the controlled area. The pest will learn to associate the noise with its own movement; leading to a change in behaviour.

What area does it cover? It covers a 110-degree arc, to a distance of up to 26ft (8m), giving a total unobstructed working area of 70 square metres.

How quickly will it work? If the cats have a habit of feeding and fouling in your garden, it can take 14-28 days to deliver the full deterrent effect. 'Occasional' visitors will usually be stopped within a week.


  • Dimensions: L109 x W63 x H147mm
  • Weight: 203.4g
  • 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Frequency: 19-45KHz
  • Area: 70m²
  • Coverage: 8 metres, 110 degrees
  • £ 51.77
    Deluxe Expandable No Kink Garden Hose Pipe, Pampered Gardens Best Magic Stretch WonderHose,Fits Common Style Fittings. Tap to Pressure Washer Suitable. Professional Spray Gun,In 2017, The New Garden Water Sprinkler Hose, Car Wash Pressure Spray Nozzle,(Dimensions: 25FT, 50FT, 75FT, 100FT, each size can stretch three times longer) Super Strong Ultra Durable Expanding Hose ideal for many watering and cleaning uses, such as gardening, car washing, house cleaning, boat cleaning etc Simply enjoy fun with this hosepipe around your house and garden. Please note that Do not use the hosepipe in the rough or sharp surface to reduce the friction between the water pipes. 2017 New Upgrade Explosion-proof Wear-resistant Ribbon, Garden Irrigation Car Cleaning Press
    £ 66.35
    These adjustable, odour-free bracelets can be worn around your wrist or ankle and work by steadily releasing a repellent that lasts for up to one month, eliminating the need for messy sprays, ointments and creams. The bands are perfect for holidaymakers, travellers and children under ten with adult supervision, making them the ideal all-round repellent to keep mosquitoes at bay. Thanks to advances in technology, chemical-free mosquito repellents have become very effective and increasingly popular. snappichappi bracelets are infused with CelessenceTM, the micro-encapsulation technology where microcapsules are filled with repellent oil before being fixed onto an underlining layer. Once the capsules break, these two work together to create a highly efficient repellent that's effective within 60cm of the band.
    £ 62.46
    Katcha® Pond ProtectTM is the ideal solution to stop cats, herons & any other unwanted predators stealing fish from your pond. The specially designed hexagonal pieces interlock to fit any shape and size of pond in seconds & can be cut to fit around plants or decorative features. Either place along the perimeter of the pond or create a full mosaic to cover the pond for ultimate protection. Pond ProtectTM floats on the surface of the pond & serves to repel predators whilst not harming fish. Each pack will cover a perimeter of approx 3m (10 ft) or an area of approx 1m² (3.3ft²).
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    50 FT or 100ft Expandable Garden Magic Hose - Blue Colour

    Key Features

    - The hose expands upto 3 Times its original length upto a maximum of 50ft or 100FT. It is completely Kink/Tangle Free with reinforcing on ends to withstand pressure against any bursts
    Q. Is this advertised length after the pipe expands or before?
    A. The advertised length is the expanded length
    Q. Do I need a connector to fit my tap?
    A. The product comes with 2 piece connector set that is intended to fit the typical outdoor garden taps in UK. Always please check the images before you buy
    Q. How to drain the pipe to contract back?
    A. Just disconnect the pipe and the hose-pipe contracts back to its normal size automatically. You don't have to do anything other than this
    Q. Any other question regarding this product?
    A. Do not hesitate to contact us directly as we are dedicated to ensure you shop with confidence with us.
    Q. Is it suitable with a sprinkler?
    A. Expanding hose pipes are not suitable with sprinkler at full speed. The hose can not expand to its maximum stretchable length as water flows at full speed via sprinklers.

    Safety Warning
    *Avoid contact of the hosepipe with any sharp items, or placing heavy objects on top of the hose pipe. Always wear safety gloves while using the hose
    * Store the hosepipe in a dry place to increase its longevity
    *This hosepipe is for household use only
    £ 109.38
    Product specification:
    Input voltage:90-250V
    Output power: 4-6W
    Rated frequency:50-60Hz
    Output frequency:25-65KHz
    Product dimensions:90*56*48mm
    Product net weight: 39g

    Effect range:
    1.The repellent can be effective used in the room of 80-120 square meters.
    2.The repellent can repel pests such as: mosquitoes, flies, ants, reptiles, cockroaches and rats, etc.
    3.The ultrasonic wave emitted by the device will not harm any human or family pets, and does not interfere with household appliances either.
    4.The device is safe andenvironmental protection, odorless, low power consumption, and equipped with advanced optoelectronic technology.

    1.The device should be installed 20-80 cm from the ground, and insert into the power socket vertically to the ground;
    2.The device should be avoid from carpets, curtains and other sound-absorbing materials when using, to prevent the reduction of sound pressure and sound focal region as well as effectiveness;
    3.During initial use the device, if found rats, pests and other activities increased significantly, is a normal phenomenon. Because usually hide in the nest of mice and pests by ultrasonic attack, have fled away from their original hiding place;
    4.The device directly plugged into the AC 90-250V power socket;
    5.Do not use strong solvents, water or wet cloth to clean the device, pay attention to moisture and waterproof;
    6.The use of ambient temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius, do not let the device to strong impact or fall;
    7.If the device is placed in the warehouse or with lots piled goods area, should be placed a few more devices to increase the effectiveness.

    £ 29.15
    3 In 1 Plant Rose Fungus Clear Ultra Trigger Gun Spray Black Spot Rust Mildew 1L Systemic protection and control of blackspot, powdery mildew and rust Use on roses and other flowering or ornamental plants Protects new growth, protects plants for over 4 months Contains triticonazole
    £ 77.77
    Weed Control without the use of harsh chemicals. Pro-Tec Weed Control Membrane / Landscape fabric can be used for all kinds of Landscaping projects around the garden. Ideal Long Term Weed Prevention for under Driveways, Garden Paths, under Paving, Greenhouse flooring, Patios, Flowerbeds, Poly-tunnels, Shed Bases, under Decking, Raised Gardens, Rockeries. Heavy duty, 100gsm woven Polypropylene and still allows water and other nutrients to pass through. 40 Year Guarantee when used with a mulch. Pro-Tec Heavy Duty Weed Control Membrane with UV Protection for Long Life Protecting your garden, helping keep it Weed Free. UV Stabilized for longer life, Easy to cut and easy to lay, Lined making planting in straight lines easier, Used by professional landscapers. If the size is under 25m, the product will arrive folded.

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    This is a balanced fertiliser that provides the nutrients that are vital for vigorous growth and bright flowers. Supplied in pelleted form, it is easy to handle and apply, and is suitable for Clematis and other climbing plants. With established plants it should be applied in March and then every three months during the growing season. For new planting, the fertiliser should be spread around the base of the plant.
    £ 44.03