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3 pieces Set Lantelme mini hygrometer Analogue display. rel. Humidity in%. Plastic housing white. Humidity display via bimetal spring element.
Diameter 5cm, thickness about 1cm. Adjustable on the back. Lantelme quality over 35 years
£ 20.08
Feature of Home Thermometer:
Design for Indoor Use,indoor temperature, humidity and humidity level
Max/Min Records,°C / °F switchable
Lage LCD Screen clear display enables to see the temperature humidity from a wider angle
Energy saving with two AAA batteries (Not included)
high precision and stability with -10°C to 50°C Temperature and Humidity 10%~99%
This digital thermometer convenient for you to plan to go out or stay at home

Parameter :
Appearance Size: 119 *88 * 26mm
Weight: 110g
Temperature Detection Range: 0℃~50℃ (32F ~ 122F)
Temperature Extreme: 70°C (158F)
Humidity Detection Range: 10%~99%
Error Value: 1°C,5%RH
Accuracy Range: 0.1°C, 1%RH
Battery: 1.5V (AAA)

Comfort Level Indication:
When the temperature is between 20°C-26°C and the humidity is between 30%RH~60%RH, "Comfortable" will be displayed
When the humidity is higher than 60%RH, "Wet" will be displayed
When the humidity is lower than 30%RH, "Dry" will be displayed
10%~30% Dry
30%~60% Com
60%~99% Wet

If the figure appear fuzzy, it means low battery and need to replace a new battery
If the battery is reset, the maximum/minimum temperature and humidity are also cleared
Please don't fall or heavily hit the products, it will easily to cause fault

Package Include: 
1x Electronic Thermometer&Hygrometer
1x User Manual

We are appreciate for your support ^^ if any confuse you have ,please read the user Manual ,or email us if you need more support :)
£ 25.45
Max-Min Thermometer.Herter 103016 Manufacturer's: Herter instruments
£ 33.95
This neat thermometer with built in hygrometer is perfect for those on the go. The unit is match box sized, and will fit in your pocket, ready to take a reading anywhere. It measures -10°C to 60°C, 10% to 100% relative humidity.
£ 23.70
All in green area on temperatures and air humidity values in in up to 4 rooms? On the screen you will be able to see all values at once. During assembly of one of the three radio sensors outdoors the device displays as well as the outdoor temperature and humidity.
With the detection of living space temperature you can discomfort and mould and mildew. The comfort zone symbol you can see at a glance whether those levels of temperature and air humidity in green, are or if you would like to find out more heating or ventilation.
Clear display with large symbols.
Shows temperature and humidity on the device location and up to 3 other different locations.
3 Wireless Sensors (temperature/humidity) with up to 100 m wireless range
Displays MIN) and A4-80 Stainless Steel Screw Material.-/max.- values of temperature and air humidity
Easy to follow rendering of living space temperature (comfort zone) smiley face icons
Built-in DCF77 Radio-controlled clock with time and date display
Individual name of rooms, with interchangeable signs
Can be used as a wall light and table device
Box Contents:
1 x 4 Zone Radio/temperature/humidity temperature @ Home
3 x Thermal Hygrose nder
2x strips for labelling for the transmitters lawns
1 x User Manual
£ 87.50
NeKan Thermometer:
Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with large digits display for easy to read viewing. Monitor in different rooms, such as a basement, attic, greenhouse, garage,refrigerator for viewing specific sensor.

Main Features:
6 buttons: 'SET', '℃', ℉'', '+', 'MAX', 'MIN'
Display indoor/outdoor temperature and time at the same time.
12H/24H time format, ℃/℉ temperature unit for selection.
Can be placed on the table or hung on the wall.
With portable transmitter to sensor outdoor temperature and transmit within 100m without obstacle.
Powered by 2 1.5V AAA batteries(Not included).

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Display: 94 * 54mm LCD Display
Indoor Temperature Measuring Range: 0~50℃ / 32~122℉
Outdoor Temperature Range: -20~70℃ / -4~158℉
Temperature Accuracy: 1℃
Indoor Temperature Detection Period: testing once 30 seconds
Outdoor Temperature Detection Period: Testing once 57 seconds
Function: Time Display, Indoor/Outdoor Temperature, ℃/℉ Switchable, 12H/24H time format, Separated Transmitter
Battery of Transmitter: 2 * 1.5V AA Batteries(Not Included)
Temperature Clock Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA Batteries(Not Included)

100% Satisfied After-sale Service:
If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us, we shall get back to you within 24 hours!
£ 26.76
Digital thermometer hygrometer TFA 30.5005.01
A small, functional measuring device, the room climate optimisation tracks the device will save Minimum and Maximum values of high or low humidity can have a negative effect on the health of the people.
Technical details:
Min/Max function Measuring range temperature indoor -10... + 60 °C rel. Indoor humidity 10... 99% with stand Size 39 x 52 x 15 mm Battery LR 44 button cell included
£ 23.40
Temperature-humidity transmitter with weatherproof housing
TFA 30.3180.IT

In this offer, the protective cover for outdoor transmitters is already included

suitable for the Klimalogger Klimalogg Pro, room climate detector RH 100 and Klimahome
This radio transmitter measures temperature and humidity and sends the data to the receiver
The transmitter does not fit with other measuring devices!

Technical specifications:
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Temperature measuring range -39.9 to 59.9 degrees
Humidity measuring range 1 -99%
Transmission interval 10 seconds
Range maximum 100 meters
Temperature and humidity are displayed alternately
Dimensions 160 x 43 x 23 mm
Wall or table installation possible
Battery supply 2 x 1.5 V Mignon AA included

Technical Data Protective cover:
Dimensions outside: 180 x 90 mm
Dimensions inside: 160 x 60 mm
Transmitter attachment with Velcro or cable ties
£ 41.30

♥ ♥VARA Hygrometer
Use the practical and handy VARA Precision Hygrometer now to measure and read the current temperature and humidity directly. See for yourself how easy it is to use with an analogue display, a large, easy-to-read dial and colour-coded comfort zones. Exactly the right device to control the temperature and living climate in the house, office, company, school, kindergarten, etc. as precisely as possible. For a healthy climate in your own home!

Easy application
Enjoy a hygrometer that can always be read and recorded quickly and directly thanks to its large dial and the easily legible information on temperature and humidity.

Practical comfort zones
The green coloured comfort zones allow you to recognize the ideal values at a glance, quickly and directly. This way you always see exactly whether the temperature and humidity values in your rooms are too cold, too warm or already exactly suitable. br>. br
With bolt hole for wall mounting
The VARA hygrometer can be easily and quickly mounted on the wall with the aid of the practical back hole. This way, the temperature and humidity meter is always clearly visible and provides you with an ideal overview of all values. Alternatively, the hygrometer can be placed anywhere in the room thanks to the folding stand on the rear side.
Works without batteries
Enjoy a high-quality device that gives you the ideal overview and also works without batteries. A hygrometer cannot function more simply!

♥ ♥ Scope of Delivery
1x VARA Precision Hygrometer
Diameter: 12.8 cm
The VARA brand is a particularly innovative brand and expert in the field of practical household appliances and accessories of all kinds.

£ 16.26
TRIXES LCD Thermometer - Digital Temperature Gage - LCD Display

Be in complete control of your own weather reports this summer with this handy little gadget. Large LCD display monitors temperature and humidity within -0°C~50°C and 10%RH~99%RH. Perfect for the home, car or office. The compact thermometer/hygrometer have a large LCD display which makes it easy to read off temperature or humidity. The thermometer requires only 1x AAA battery (not included) and have a handy stand on the back so it can stand upright on any flat surface. The large buttons on the front makes it easy to change between temperature and humidity readings.


COMPACT; Compact thermometer/hygrometer with large easy read LCD display. Handy function button to check the minimum and maximum temperature/humidity recorded

MEASURING TEMPERATURE RANGE; -0°C~50°C (-32°F~122°F). Display can be set to measure in Fahrenheit or Celsius


SPECIFICATIONS; Requires 1 x AAA battery (not included), White colour

DIMENSIONS; 8.3 x 7.5 x 2cm (L x W x H) Built-in stand to sit firmly on any flat surface


1 x LCD thermometer (white)

£ 13.98
Garden wall thermometer large 410mm filigree design ideal for use in the garden or greenhouse. The wall thermometer has a clear easy to read temperature scale and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Can easily be fixed with screws (supplied) to any kind of wall both indoors and outdoors.

This attractive garden wall thermometer is made from a plastic filigree design with a glass thermometer with safeeasy to read blue spirit filling. The thermometer looks stunning fixed inside a greenhouse or fixed on a garden wall.
£ 16.80
- Temperature Humidity Data Logger
-pressure LOG 32 THP PDF data logger


for temperature, humidity and barometric pressure
including Kalibrier Protocol

Log32THP the measuring range, alarm are to record, visualisation of temperature, humidity and dew point and Luftdruckmesswerten.
uses are the monitoring of storage and transport conditions or other temperature and / or processes, feuchteempfindlichen
the Logger has a direct USB connection and can, therefore, without any cables at all Windows PCs
connect the USB connector is a transparent plastic cap protect
the features Logger 2 LEDs
Green the LED blinks while every 30 seconds recording
the red LED is designed for displaying or Grenzwertalarmen Zustandsmeldungen (Batteriewechsel...etc.)
the Logger also has an internal (Buzzer), the beep-supported operational guidance support.

Technical data:
Space for Approx. 60,000 x 3 measurements
also be used without Software (pre-programmed 5 minutes automatic Scanning interval)
issue as a PDF file (no software installation necessary)
optional Software Download
Adjustable Storing interval of 30 seconds up to 24 hours via Software (Log Connect
Batteriestandzeit> 2 years (when used for scanning interval> 15 minutes)

Measuring range:
-40... 70 °C
0...99% rF
resolution: 0.1 °C / 0.1% rF / 0.1 hPa
accuracy: 0.5 °C (-10..40 °C ) - 3% (40..60 rF - 1% (hPa 900...1100 hPa) otherwise 0.5%
Power supply: size 1 / 2 AA, 3.6 V
Batteriestandzeit: 2 years (at a rate of> 15 minutes):
102 x 20 x 21 mm
£ 93.28
Window thermometer to stick on glass to measure the outdoor temperature. Simply stick to a window on the outside of the glass and view the temperature from indoors. This outdoor window thermometer can also be used as a greenhouse thermometer by sticking to the glass on the inside and viewing the indoor temperature from outdoors.
£ 11.51
Wireless Thermo-Hygrometer

TFA 30.3054

Sets new standards in the monitoring of the room climate
The display shows up to 4 measuring points at the same time

Control of room and outside clima
With indoor sensor and 3 wireless transmitters (max. 100 m) for monitoring temperature and humidity in up to 4 rooms
Can be extended up to 8 transmitters
Highest and lowest values
Comfort zones
Temperature tendency
Alarm settings

Technical specifications:
Measuring range:
Indoor temperature 0 ° C ... 60 ° C (32 ° F ... 140 ° F)
Outdoor temperature - 40 ° C ... 60 ° C (-40 ° F ... 140 ° F)
Humidity 10 ... 99%
Accuracy Temperature + - 1%
Resolution Temperature 0.1 ° C
Range approx. 100 m Freifeld
433 MHz
Batteries 6 x 1.5 V AAA not included
Base station 116 x 24 (64) x 116 mm
Transmitter 110 x 45 x 20 mm
Base station
3 Subdivision: Cat. No .: 30.3208.02
£ 64.40
With easy-to-read LCD digital display for this thermometer, you can easily keep an eye on the temperature in your room and aquarium. It is suitable for desktop placing, metal surface sticking or wall hanging.

Automatically and simultaneously display indoor & 2 outdoor temperature.
Max and min indoor and 2 outdoor temperature display with manual clearing of the max/min value.
Temperature alert setting and automatic high/low temperature alarm function with temperature trend.
Large LCD display, easy to read.
Up to 2 outdoor transmiiters receivable (2 outdoor sensors are included).
Temperature can be displayed in Celsius(℃) or Fahrenheit(℉).
With back stand, hanging hole and magnetic stick at back side, convenient to place or hang.
Perfect digital thermometer for fish tank and aquarium.

Brand Name: KKmoon
Color: White
Material: ABS Plastic
Display: LCD Screen
Screen Size: 53 * 60.6mm / 2.09 * 2.60in
Indoor Temperature Range: 0℃ ~ 50℃ (32℉ ~ 122℉)
Outdoor Temperature Range: -40℃ ~ 60℃  (-40℉ ~ 140℉)
Testing Period: 10s
Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃ (1.8℉)
Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃ (0.2℉)
Thermometer Battery: 2 * 1.5V AAA Battery(NOT Included)
Outdoor Transmitter Battery: 2 * 1.5V AA Batteries(NOT included) 
Transmitter Size: 38 * 105 * 35mm / 1.50 * 4.13 * 1.38in 
Thermometer Size: 98 * 85 * 22mm / 3.86 * 3.35 * 0.87in 
Transmitter Weight: 38g / 1.35oz
Thermometer Weight: 96g / 3.39oz
Package Size: 11.5 * 9.5 * 6cm / 4.53 * 3.74 * 2.36in
Package Weight: 212g / 7.48oz

Package List:
1 * Digital LCD Thermometer   
2 * Wireless Outdoor Transmitter
1 * User Manual (English)
£ 33.34
How Dose Humidity Affect Us?
Humidity is important for our comfort and our health. Humidity has been linked to sleepiness, lethargy, lack of observations, lower observation skills and irritability.
Humidity also plays a factor in heat stroke and heat exhaustion.
As well as affecting people, too much or too little humidity can effect your possessions. Too little humidity can dry out and damage furniture. In contrast, too much humidity can cause moisture stains, condensation, swelling, and mold.

Temperate Range: -50°C ~ +70°C (-58°F ~ +158°F)
Accuracy: ±1°C, ±5%RH
Humidity Range: 10%-99%RH
Power Supply: 1 AAA Battery (1.5V) (Battery is not included)
Dimension: 106 x 98 x 22mm

Package Included:
1 x HTC-2 Temperature Humidity Meter
£ 18.89

The thermometer should be attached to flat, translucent surfaces such as window. The surface to which the thermometer is to be glued should be thoroughly washed (with washing up liquid), dried and degreased.

Then remove the adhesive protecting paper and stick the thermometer, pressing firmly. Be careful not to stick it in strong frosts or rainy days, as this can make it difficult to fix.

£ 14.29
Best Choice
Indoor room temperature and humidity can have a significant impact on personal comfort, health, safety and the condition of valuables in your home
NeKan Thermo-hygrometer help you understand how the weather can really affect your clothing options for certain days

Humidity Level Indicator :
If humidity is below 30%: Dry.
If humidity is between 30% to 50%: Comfort.
If humidity is above 50%: Wet.

Mounting Options:
The monitor features a fold-out stand and suspended hole for mounting options, providing the best thermometer and hygrometer readings for any room.

Temperature range: 32 °F ~ 122°F (0 °C ~ 50 °C).
Humidity range: 20% ~ 90%.
Comfort display: DRY, COMFORT, WET.
Temperature display unit: °C °F selectable.
Temperature Resolution: 1 °C/°F.
Humidity Resolution: 5%.
£ 18.89
Soil thermometer with aluminium case and green easy to find top. These soil temperature thermometers are frequently required in the agriculture and horticulture industries to check temperatures of soil and compost. The soil thermometer has a green knob at the top to assist with location. Complete with an easy to read black temperature scale. Soil temperatures can be measured in both °C and °F
£ 16.83
The wireless thermometer has a very good range of up to 100 meters. Through the hygrometer you can monitor the room climate,
which is displayed with comfort levels. It has a hygrometer sensor manufactured in Switzerland (Swiss Precision Sensor with quality mark).
This guarantees a high accuracy. In addition, all minimum and maximum values are saved with time stamp.
Another transmitter can be connected.
A temperature station with strong performances.

Technical specifications:

DCF-77 radio clock, controlled by signal from Frankfurt (extends 1500 km far)
Size indicator: B 81 T 32 H 143.5 mm
Size transmitter: B 41 B 19H 128 mm (moisture-proof)
Display consists of 4-line display for time / date, humidity with room comfort display, indoor temperature, outside temperature
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Temperature range inside from -9.9 to + 59.9 degrees (resolution 0.1 degrees)
Temperature range outside from -39.9 to +59.9 degrees (resolution 0.1 degrees)
Indoor humidity 1% to 99%, high accuracy + - 3%
Display of minimum and maximum temperature (stored with time and date)
Range transmitter to display device max. 100 meters
additional transmitter can be connected (1 transmitter included)
Display device suitable for table or wall mounting (fold-out support)
LCD contrast adjustable
Color silver-anthracite
Mounting hardware for wall mounting is included
Power supply with the batteries about 1 year
Low battery indicator
Batteries 2x 1.5V AA included
£ 44.77
Nowadays, many people realized that how their home is slowly killing them. Most of their home had air bricks, droughts or too wet, chess and frustration. And yes double glazed but that only stopped the windows being drafty. In some locations mold was present and as most they had their windows open and used chemical cleaner to remove it.

Now, We all were recommended to get a thermometer hygrometer to see whether the temperature is comfortable and what sort of humidity is in the property. If humidity tells you the place humidity is high then you should get some dehumidifier to make it down, so as to keep the house around 58%℉. And easily moved from room to room and reset, so it should be good for your health to live in a house with reasonable humidity and temperature.

In addition, the digital thermo-hygrometer should be a best choice for a greenhouse if you are a gardening enthusiasts. The high contrast LCD display will tell you the current humidity&temperature and displayed below it the high and low humidity (%). .

Temperature range: -20℃ to +70℃ [-4℉ to +158℉](unit ℃/℉ changeable).
Humidity range(indoor): 20% ~ 95%.
Comfort display: The emoj face will display "smile" if comfort.
Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃/℉.
Humidity Resolution: 1%.
Accuracy: -1/1degrees centigrade(2degrees Fahrenheit)
Refresh rate: 5 seconds.
Power supply: 1 X lithium battery

Material: ABS plastic
Pacakge details
Product size: 64 x 64 x 19mm / 2.5 x 2.5 x0.8 in
Product weight: 35g / 1.23oz
Package size: 110 x 95 x 20mm / 4.4 x 3.7 x 1 in
Package weight: 48g / 1.69oz
1x Ccoway Thermometer&hygrometer(battery included)
1x User Manual
£ 16.26